Educators at Turner Street Kindergarten endeavour to build a foundation for children’s learning. We believe early childhood is a critical time in which the experiences children encounter greatly influence their future lives and learning.

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Our teaching philosophy is based on the Victorian Early Years Framework and reflects the National Early Years Framework – Belonging, Being, Becoming. Our programs support children to develop skills to:

  • have a strong sense of identity
  • be connected with, and contribute to their world
  • have a strong sense of wellbeing
  • be confident and involved learners
  • be effective communicators

We provide a positive, safe, stimulating, and challenging learning environment where children feel a sense of trust and are happy – a place where children feel a sense of belonging.

038_TSK_ApeturaPhotoWe believe children are unique individuals who have differing personalities, temperaments, learning styles and interests, and therefore learn at different rates in different ways and at different times.

We listen to children. This is a place where children’s voices are heard and responded to in a positive manner. We value the importance of positive relationships and work to develop respectful, trusting and close relationships with children and families.

We recognise that families are the child’s first educators, and that they learn best when educators and families work in partnership with each other, to support children to reach their full potential. 

We strive to provide an environment where children and families from all cultural backgrounds feel welcomed and accepted. We make use of our communities’ resources and incorporate the child’s community into the program.

049_TSK_ApeturaPhotoWe believe children learn best through meaningful play to; be curious, discover, explore, question, experiment, problem solve and imagine. Our play-based, child centered programs are inclusive of all children’s capabilities, needs and interests, and reflect the holistic development of each child. We support children to develop physically, cognitively, socially, emotionally, linguistically, and aesthetically.

We value environmental sustainability and believe it is important to engage children in sustainable practices and a respect for our environment.

As educators we believe that we are continually learning alongside families and children.  Reflecting on our practices and principles enhances our professional development.