Learning Environment

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050_TSK_ApeturaPhotoAt Turner Street kindergarten our children engage in indoor and outdoor play experiences. The indoor area provides a variety of learning areas for the children to work independently or in groups, create and build, investigate, engage in imaginative play, use a range of materials, learn through play and enjoy the wide range of learning opportunities offered.

The experiences are intended to develop the children’s independence and problem solving skills. The children are, at times, free to choose where they play, and are encouraged to participate in all activities. At times they will be asked to work closely with staff in focused small group activities.



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Our outdoor area provides an abundance of shade and different play and activity areas which includes a range of climbing structures, a cubby house, and a sand play area. Each year we develop an edible garden area where the children have opportunities to engage in activities with staff.

The children have the opportunity to plant, water, and care for and pick plants. They forage for snails, worms and make compost. The produce and herbs from our garden provide lots of impetus for learning, sharing and joyful experiences such as cooking and tasting.

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