006_TSK_ApeturaPhotoFamily members are very welcome to come along and help us at Kindergarten and you are free to choose when you can come along.  Stay for a whole session or even part of a session – your help is very much appreciated and your child will enjoy having you come and help out with our various activities and you will be able to observe your child at play.

The Kindergarten supplies towels and smocks for the children’s use and there is a weekly roster to send the washing of these items home to families throughout the year.

020_TSK_ApeturaPhotoA voluntary Parent Committee of Management is elected each year by parents.  They have numerous responsibilities to attend to during the year.  Each committee is completely different from the one before as each newly elected member brings with them a variety of past experiences, personal interests, skills and expectations.  The year served as a committee member can be a highly rewarding, satisfying and sometimes challenging one as individuals get to know one another and work together as a team.