Parental Involvement

Parent Involvement

082_TSK_ApeturaPhotoWe value the special relationship between you and your child – your home is your child’s first learning environment. Research has shown that children are happiest, participate more and learn most effectively when parents take an active interest in their child’s learning.

There is a parent helper roster for each group each term. Parents of children in 4-5 year-old-groups are requested to select one or two days per term that suit them to assist at the kindergarten. These times will be selected at your interview day at the beginning of Term 1 and at the end of each term in preparation for the next term. If you cannot attend at the selected time, please arrange to swap with another parent/guardian. You are not limited to Kinder duty times. You are welcome to take part in the kindergarten program at any time, provided there are not too many adults visiting.

Parents of the 3-4 year-old-group are invited to stay and help whenever they are available to assist.

Your contribution to the program is gratefully accepted, appreciated and encouraged. By assisting, you have the opportunity to observe your child in a group setting and to gain greater insight into the Kindergarten program. Your child will enjoy your company and sharing their special kinder experience with you. Additional assistance enables the staff to work more closely with individual children and small groups to offer a richer variety of experiences to all.

Parents and families are also very welcome to contribute to the program with any particular skills or interest at any time. In the past, parents have helped with cooking, playing instruments, excursions, craft activities, talking to the children about a holiday and even speaking a second language for the children.

We understand that each family can contribute at their own level depending on other commitments. However, your input, support and involvement can really make a difference.

The Kindergarten supplies towels and smocks for the children’s use. Each family will have at least one turn at laundering smocks, tea towels and hand towels etc. A washing roster will be available at Kindergarten at the beginning of Term 1. Please check your name and arrange to swap with another families it doesn’t suit you.

  017_TSK_ApeturaPhotoWorking Bees

 Your participation at working bees is vital to the ongoing maintenance and operations of the Kinder. At working bees parents perform general maintenance and cleaning tasks, ensuring the kinder is a clean and safe place for children, staff, parents and the community, as well as assisting us to meet the regulations governing kindergartens. Information regarding times and maintenance required is sent out to families throughout the year. You will be asked to choose a task and bring along the appropriate equipment to complete the task. Any queries should be directed to the maintenance officer.

We also appreciate assistance from families outside of working bee times. Please let us know if you are able to assist with maintenance and odd jobs at other times. Parent involvement and assistance is greatly appreciated.