First Days of Kinder

First Days of Kindergarten

046_TSK_ApeturaPhotoStarting kindergarten is a big step in a young child’s life. The first few weeks are busy and tiring as children become familiar with routine and basic rules, the staff and the large group of children of which they are now a part. This experience, combined with the separation from family may be overwhelming. Children can be assisted in their adjustment by receiving calm assurance, patience and understanding from both parents and staff, and being given plenty of time.

033_TSK_ApeturaPhotoIt is important to support your child and help them to gradually settle into their new surroundings. Your child may initially insist that you stay with them. Here are a few hints and strategies that may encourage a smooth and happy transition for you and your child:

  • Come into the kindergarten and help them settle into an activity
  • If your child would like you to stay a while, please feel free to do so
  • It is most important that you say goodbye to your child as this promotes a sense of trust and security for your child
  • Once you have said goodbye to your child and the kindergarten staff, it is important that you leave promptly. If your child is insecure they may become more upset if you hesitate
  • If you are concerned about your child, please feel free to telephone the centre when you arrive home or at any time during the session.  Generally children will settle in well as soon as their parent/caregiver is out of sight. Some children take a little longer to settle in than others – we are all different. When ongoing settling and separation difficulties occur, please make an appointment to discuss this with your child’s teacher.

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