Incursions & Excursions

Incursions and Excursions 

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The four-year-old educators plan for incursions, excursions and special interest activities where it is felt that they are beneficial to the learning program. The daily program is planned around these events and provides children with the opportunities to engage in learning experiences around various topics. The incursions and excursions are planned for on a yearly basis and may change from year to year. They are based on the current children’s interests and abilities.

Some incursions we have had in previous years include; Chick Hatching Incursion, Road Safety Incursion, The Great Recycling Adventure, Coburg Library for Children’s Book Week, Butterfly Life Cycle Incursion, Dinosaur Bones- Melbourne Museum, Dental visit, Circus spot workshops, Mini Beasts incursion, Wild Action Show, Responsible Pet Ownership, Thingle Toodle, Water Safety presentation, Story Telling, Weekly ‘Sports for Kids’ program, Bunnings warehouse planting incursion and a Pottery incursion.

Some of the Excursions include; Essendon Traffic school, Bundoora Children’s Farm, and Merri Creek bush kinder.

No child is taken outside of the Kindergarten without parental authorisation. Parents are requested to promptly complete a separate authorisation form for each excursion.

For the 3-year-old group, special activities are planned for and based around kindergarten and family activities, as well as one incursion a year. Each year the incursion is chosen by the 3-year-old educators, giving consideration to the interests of the individual children and group as a whole. Some of the incursions in recent years have included Australian Animals Bush Babies, an Australian Animals puppet show, chick hatching and African Drumming.


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